Desert Plant

A weird planet…born in a desert land

Grown…without help of anyone’s hand

Live my life…seeing nothing but endless sand

Only have been touched…by the cruel sun’s wand

Dancing sometimes with the darkness band

Hear others talks about something called rain

I knew its true…but for me…it’s just vain

Cause rain is something that I’ve never seen before

But I pray to see the clouds of hopes through heaven doors

To give me strength through my life war

To turn my wide desert into a little shore

To give me one reason that I can live for

So please…please fall

Cause my roots can’t get water any more

Destroy my darkness, heal my gall

Fill my empty heart…relive my soul

I know there is nothing to do but call

And if you listen, you will turn it all

So please, answer me and fall


Summer 2002

About RomanyJoseph

قليلون من يبحثون عن الحق، وقلة منهم جادة وأمينة، وهم فقط من يعبرون صدمة خداع ما لُقن لهم وحفظوه...لينطلقوا في النمو في معرفة الحق... إنها رحلة إكتشاف للموت وعبور للقيامة
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One Response to Desert Plant

  1. Marina Francis says:

    So please…please fall
    So please, answer me and fall

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