Searching for the river of love….in a desert place

Looking for the light of the world….in the darkness space

Hope to find the truth……by arranging lies

Dream of freedom…………in some long chains

And wish to find life…in the valley of the death

That’s why her tears never shed

That’s why her pain will never end

That’s why she is a live body but her soul is died

She knows that vain is all what in her head

But….that’s not what’s she said

I wonder how long she will keep doing this

I wonder when she realize what she miss


I think I can never guess.


Summer 2003

About RomanyJoseph

قليلون من يبحثون عن الحق، وقلة منهم جادة وأمينة، وهم فقط من يعبرون صدمة خداع ما لُقن لهم وحفظوه...لينطلقوا في النمو في معرفة الحق... إنها رحلة إكتشاف للموت وعبور للقيامة
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One Response to Vain

  1. Marina Francis says:

    when it is time ….

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